Our Perfect Water

You turn your faucet on and water - pure, clean water - streams out. It’s not something we really give much thought to, as a community. But for the engineers, scientists, and operators at Truckee Meadows Water Authority, the quality of our community’s water is all we think about. Want to see just how particular we can get? Check out the Smart About Water facts below.

Fact 37

TMWA tests your tap water more than 1000x a month...

Fact 35

What’s My Neighborhood’s Water Quality?

Excellent Question!

Fact 38

Top 5% in the Nation Among Water Treatment Plants

Fact 32

TMWA Workers are ON IT!

Lake Tahoe

Fact 31

Pristine Lake Tahoe is our primary source for drinking water

Fact 34

Stagger Your Watering Time for Better Pressure

Lake Tahoe

Fact 33

10 Years/$200 Million Infrastructure Care

Water-Smart Landscaping

Fact 36

Lake Tahoe

Fact 39

The Roadmap for Water Planning

Lake Tahoe