Our Water — Wow!

When it comes to water, who would have known it could be so complex? So, here are some details about the remarkable water system we rely upon, day in and day out.

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Fact 20

Conservation ≠ Growth

Water conservation does not equate to growth

Fact 26

Water-Smart Landscaping

Water efficient landscaping saves you water and money

Fact 27

Hey, just how much water is an acre foot, anyway???

??? gallons per acre-foot

Fact 22

Is your john a water hog?

Leaky Toilets can run away with 100,000 gallons of water.

Fact 28


80% Water Power!

Fact 23

Lake Tahoe

Our upstream storage, in wet and dry years

Fact 29

I want to know how much water we have stored

TMWA’s Upstream Reserves Tracker

Take a wild guess then click to find out

Fact 24

The 1944 Orr Ditch Decree and Today's Water Rights

Orr Ditch Decree

Fact 21

Worst time to water

Fact 19


TMWA uses very little Truckee River Water!