Construction Underway: Mt. Rose Water Treatment Plant at Whites Creek

Scheduled for completion within the next year, the Mt. Rose Water Treatment Plant is designed to treat and deliver water from Whites Creek during periods of high flow. The plant is an important capital investment that builds upon TMWA’s conjunctive-use strategy of optimizing surface water whenever possible. When surface water is distributed to areas formerly reliant on groundwater, production wells can rest and aquifers can recharge. Learn more here.

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What is Conjunctive Use? Take 3 minutes to find out!

Join TMWA’s Senior Hydrologist Bill Hauck to learn about TMWA’s approach to improving the reliability of water sources in the Truckee Meadows. It’s a quick overview that explains how well water and surface water from the Truckee River are strategically managed to increase the health and reliability of the whole water system. This short video includes information on Aquifer Storage & Recovery, a key tactic that helps improve groundwater levels.

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Regional Planning: How Growth Needs Are Addressed

In stewarding the long-term needs of our community, the Truckee Meadows Regional Planning Agency takes into account TMWA’s Water Resource Management Plan and then goes beyond that to address land use, infrastructure requirements and housing needs. By working with local governments and stakeholders, the result is a regularly-updated Regional Plan that looks forward into the next 20 years. See the timeline of the draft update currently in progress here.

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Assigned-Day Watering

Why does our community have an assigned-day watering plan?

In short, it’s because we all value smart water use. Water in the Truckee Meadows is a limited and valuable resource. So, whether it’s raining in June or dry in December, TMWA always encourages smart water use.

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Water Quality Lookup Map

Water treated by TMWA meets all U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Nevada Division of Environmental Protection, and Washoe County Health District water quality standards. More than 1,000 laboratory tests are performed each month on over 180 samples taken from various locations within the TMWA distribution system. See test results for your area with this water quality lookup map.

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