Fall Planting in 1-2-3 with TMWA’s Landscape Guide

Select the best trees and plants for our region and dive deeper into the seven horticultural principles for a successful, water-efficient landscape. Whether you are redesigning an existing yard, or starting from scratch, good planning and water-efficiency are vital to a healthy and sustainable landscape in our high-desert climate. With an average annual rainfall of seven inches, responsible water use inside and outside the home makes good sense. Get planning and planting here!

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Groundwater Storage - Projects Across Five Hydrogeologic Regions

TMWA’s groundwater management through aquifer storage and recovery (ASR) has resulted in 35,000 AF of cumulative storage since the program began in 1993. Since we can’t predict how much snow we will receive, groundwater storage is like putting water in a bank. Through both active and passive recharge of aquifers, TMWA expects to almost double its groundwater storage to 8,000 AFY by 2022. Read about ASR and find out about case studies of ASR in action here.

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Golf Greens to Revert Back to Wetlands at Rosewood Lakes

The Truckee Meadows Parks Foundation is leading the rehabilitation of the property formerly known as Rosewood Lakes Golf Course. Currently in a state of disrepair, the location is a rare vestige of wetland habitat in our area and is capable of sustaining rich biodiversity. The plan is to restore the ecosystem and repurpose the site as a nature-study area. This project is located along the Steamboat Creek, an important tributary of the Truckee River. Read about the project here.

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Assigned-Day Watering

Why does our community have an assigned-day watering plan?

In short, it’s because we all value smart water use. Water in the Truckee Meadows is a limited and valuable resource. So, whether it’s raining in June or dry in December, TMWA always encourages smart water use.

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Water Quality Lookup Map

Water treated by TMWA meets all U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Nevada Division of Environmental Protection, and Washoe County Health District water quality standards. More than 1,000 laboratory tests are performed each month on over 180 samples taken from various locations within the TMWA distribution system. See test results for your area with this water quality lookup map.

Find out water quality details in your location